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Costco- Miracle Month For The Kids Who Can’t Wait

Despite the numerous challenges presented by a global pandemic, our partners at Costco have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our community. During the past five turbulent months, their doors have remained open, their employees willing and wanting to provide supplies and support to Arizona families.

For the past 25 years, Costco has helped to provide hope and healing to children across the state of Arizona, and despite the current state of the world, they are back for their 26th year of making miracles happen for local children and their families.

During the month of September, when you visit your neighborhood Costco, members have the chance to help raise critical dollars by donating at the register. In 2019, Costco raised an inspiring $892,000 that directly impacted kids in our local communities.

Be sure to visit your local warehouse and make a donation at the register, at self-checkout, online at or via Instacart a this month. Kids can’t wait. For a cure. For a vaccine. For the care they need. Thank you for all that you do for the patients we serve at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.