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Join us in #GivingGratitude on #GivingTuesday

On this #GivingTuesday, we are #GivingGratitude to each of you who have donated and made a difference at your local children’s hospital. We are grateful for our fundraising partners, hospitals and donors who support our mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Our hospitals have adapted to new priorities in order to manage the impact of the pandemic on their patients and communities. They have urgently responded to the pandemic by treating adult patients, opening drive-thru testing sites, taking extreme measures to ensure their buildings and equipment are kept clean, conducting vital research to prevent the spread of the virus and upgrading technology to move many appointments to a safe, virtual setting. These hospitals are on the frontline of this crisis and because of funds raised for them, they have been able to continue providing the high-quality, life-saving care that children need every day during this pandemic.

Our fundraising partners have continued to raise funds for our children’s hospitals even when their stores and services have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. Because of hundreds of partners, we’ve been able to fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

Our donors have changed lives in their communities through supporting their local children’s hospital. Because of the support they’ve given us, our hospitals have been able to invest in telehealth services to allow for virtual visits, personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep hospital staff and patients safe and COVID-19 testing supplies to keep our communities healthy.

When we change kids’ health, we change the future – for all of us. Today on #GivingTuesday, we are #GivingGratitude to our hospitals, our fundraising, our donors and you for the differences you’ve made.

Join us in #GivingGratitude by donating today and making a difference in your local community.