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Jordin is our 2016-17 Calif. Champion


Living with sickle cell disease is no walk in the park. Just ask Jordin, who makes frequent visits to her children’s hospital. Having undergone countless hospital stays for pain management and four bouts of acute chest syndrome, Jordin has often shown her family and friends the silver linings in life.

“Jordin’s Journey” was created so friends and family could offer support and help generate awareness for sickle cell disease. Together, they raised $42,000 for her children’s hospital and purchased a machine that allows doctors to monitor blood disorders faster and more efficiently.

Jordin aspires to be a doctor to help kids the way doctors have helped her. She loves to ride and care for horses, play soccer and is an avid Disneyland fan. Despite her young age, Jordin understands the seriousness of her disease and the limitations it may cause, but she also wants to live life to the fullest.

How donations helped Jordin at CHOC Children’s:  

CMN Hospitals donations purchase the 20 (or more) daily heat packs that help increase Jordin’s blood circulation and reduce discomfort during a pain crisis. Donations also purchased a bladder scanner that doctors used to monitor Jordin’s organs.