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Northeastern State University Dance Marathon Celebrates a Huge Increase in Fundraising

Paraphrased from Bailey Kennedy, Executive Director

Northeastern State students danced, played life-size games such as Pac-Man, and were fed. Every hour there was a different theme and the music collated with the theme. They viewed videos and heard from people who were directly impacted by St. Francis Hospital.  Participants also took multiple pictures in our photo booth and by our large, wooden, painted “FTK” letters.

We had a superhero and princess room, or a green room, where the families were able to go if they felt overwhelmed by the crowd of dancers. We had students dressed up as superheroes and princesses which the families were able to spend time with.  They shared their stories with our dancers.


We are the only Dance Marathon that benefits St. Francis in Tulsa. There are students who attend NSU who have been in the hospital in the past, know someone who has been, or are knowledgeable about the hospital itself.  This is a hospital that provides service to so many people and we are honored to support them.  NSU does not have this large of a charity event on its campus, which makes NSUDM very special for so many.

Thank you to Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores for your support in helping Northeastern State University Dance Marathon raise $9,351.66!