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Our 2016-17 N.D. Champion Talia Survived a Massive Brain Hemorrhage

nd-talia-hayTalia was at school when she developed an extremely painful headache. She lost consciousness and an ambulance took her to the nearest emergency room where doctors performed a CT scan of her brain. They saw that Talia had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and transported her by helicopter air ambulance to her children’s hospital for emergency surgery.

Advanced communication allowed for the children’s hospital neurosurgeon and operating room to be ready for Talia’s arrival. Doctors say she got to the hospital just in time to save her life. She has since made a full recovery and when talking about her injury Talia says, “I have a scar on my head; I’m going to tell everyone I am a ninja.”

Talia spends free time hanging out with friends, babysitting and watching her favorite shows. She attributes her tall height and short hair as the reasons she stands out in a crowd. Now fully recovered, Talia is planning on playing basketball at school.

How donations helped Talia at Sanford Children’s Hospital – Fargo:  

CMN Hospitals donations help fund medical equipment that Talia used in the pediatric intensive care unit. Also, Talia utilized child life specialists while she was hospitalized, a program that is fully funded by CMN Hospitals.