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Join Kellogg’s in Helping Kids Get Off to a Great Start

Libbie runs triathlons, but she was born with dislocated knees and club feet.

Libbie’s parents adopted her from China, and when they met her for the first time, she was unable to walk because of her condition. She had to “scoot around” on the backs on her knees to remain mobile.

Libbie has Larsen syndrome, an orthopedic disorder which affects the development of bones throughout the body and causes a range of abnormalities on the bones and joints. Libbie was born with dislocated knees and elbows, as well as other symptoms.

Upon arriving in the United States, her parents took her to her local children’s hospital where she had multiple surgeries. Libbie is now walking and running, on her own two feet.

Kellogg’s, a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helps local kids get off to a great start every day.

CMN Hospitals partners, like Kellogg’s, help Change Kids Health to Change the Future. Now, through October 31, you can join Kellogg’s and help kids like Libbie. Donate today.

You can also find your favorite Kellogg’s products at local Walmart stores that are joining to Change Kids Health, to Change the Future.