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Meet Jensen, our 2016-17 W.Va. Champion


Jensen was born at just under 28 weeks, weighing only 2 pounds, 3 ounces. His lungs were not fully developed, requiring a tracheostomy to assist his breathing and a gastrostomy tube to help with nutrition.

After 15 months in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Jensen was ready to come home, but his parents struggled to find home health care that fit all of Jensen’s complex needs. That’s when four NICU nurses volunteered to be trained for home health care on their own time. Jensen is now a growing boy, and doctors are hoping to remove his tracheostomy and gastrostomy tubes soon.

It’s been a long road for Jensen, but his medical journey hasn’t kept him from doing what he loves: riding his four-wheeler, playing on his swing and jumping on his trampoline.

How donations helped Jensen at WVU Medicine Children’s:  

The neonatal intensive care unit where Jensen spent 15 months of his life is funded by CMN Hospitals donations. Funds also help purchase equipment, and support child life services and everyday needs at the hospital.