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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Now Accepting Donations Using Apple Pay

We’re thrilled to announce Give Miracles, a mobile fundraising app from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that makes it easy to ask for and receive donations, now with Apple Pay.


The app is easy to use and with donation options including Apple Pay, you don’t have to collect funds; they are directly sent to your local children’s hospital. Unlike other charities’ apps, this app allows you to create a charity event, send invites, collect and track donations and engage with your guests – all from your phone and without having to manage cash or checks. It also allows you to create a more personalized event – like Thanksgiving dinner – to support your local hospital.

With the holiday season approaching, we challenge you to make your Thanksgiving dinner more awkward: #AskForMoney. So often, our focus is on the Thanksgiving menu, who will sit next to whom and how you’ll keep the conversation away from politics. This year, turn the focus to your local children’s hospital – a cornerstone of your community. Your donations ensure the best care available for local sick and injured kids.

How to help:

  • Use Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac in Safari to donate on Donating is quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before.
  • Use Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to donate within Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Give Miracles app. Donating is as easy as selecting “Apple Pay” and placing your finger on Touch ID on your iPhone and iPad or double-clicking Apple Watch.*

*US only – for Apple Pay and Giving Miracles app